Changu Narayan temple roof and sky

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    Judith Chase is founder and director of Living Traditions Museum, registered in Nepal as a non-profit
    company, with a board of directors to ensure its continuity.  LTM has an agreement with the Nepal
    Government Department of Archaeology to establish the museum within the UNESCO World Heritage site of
    Changu Narayan, high on a ridge near the old capital city of Bhaktapur.  It also has the mission of restoring
    about one third of the buildings around the temple, to be used as an expansion of the museum.

    If you’d like to contribute to the re-establishment of Living Traditions Museum,  please contact us  If you are in Nepal, you can deposit donations in the LTM bank account.  
    Tax deductible contributions from US citizens can be made through our fiscal agent:  
    International Society for Ecology and Culture.  Helena Norbert-Hodge,  the founder of ISEC and Judith share
    respect and concern for traditional cultures.  She has concentrated her work in Ladakh, and Judith in Nepal.

    Local Futures
    P.O. Box 36
    East Hardwick, VT 05836 USA

    Non tax-deductible donations can be made through
    PayPal.  Just press this button to go to PayPal:
We were able to rescue the collection and store it in a safe place.  Now we begin the long process of
demolition and reconstruction.  We have applied for a grant to rebuild at least one gallery this year, and
Sunita Bhadel -- she will continue her studies in the cultures of Nepal.  And Ramesh Dawadi, LTM Board
Chairman and Lawyer, will continue to take care of official procedures and liaison with the Changu
Advisory Committee.