The Changu Narayan Temple Complex
    One of Nepal's UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Changu Narayan is one of the oldest and most significant
sites in the Kathmandu Valley, dating from before the 4th
century, and classified as one of the seven UNESCO
World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu Valley. The stele at
the front of the Narayan temple has the oldest script
found in the valley. The main temple is home of Vishnu
Narayan and the courtyard around the temple is filled with
significant sculptures from the 7th century onward.  
Surrounding this yard is a series of grand ‘halls’ called
Chaugara Sattal meaning four-sided, buildings restored
by the Amatya and Rana families in the 19th century.  

Spacious gathering halls were designed to be used by
those coming for devotional purposes to Changu: rest
houses for pilgrims, sites for weddings, and rooms to
celebrate a variety of cultural purposes.  Changu
Narayan is one of the four main Vishnu temples at the
four directions within the Kathmandu Valley.
View from Amatya Sattal
Looking at the temple and courtyard from Amatya Sattal,
first phase home of the museum
Changu Narayan Village
The walk through Changu Narayan Village, The temple is
at the top of the hill.
Garuda stone sculpture in front of the temple.  Originally
the stone sculpture was on top of a stone pillar.