Himalayan Highlands
Humla Mani dancer living traditions museum nepal
Thubten Choling Monastery old kitchen living traditions museum nepal
Humla wooden mortar living traditions museum nepal
Humla milk or water bucket
Incense burner from Humla
    These are the highest regions
    of Nepal, along the Tibetan
    border.   Most of the people
    living in migrated from Tibet
    within the last thousand years.  
    Coming at different times and
    from quite different regions,
    they have settled in distinct
    areas of what is now
    northernmost Nepal, still
    referring to themselves as Bhot,
    Tibetan.  Separated by major
    ranges, they live in isolated
    pockets of cultural
    distinctiveness, some of the
    highest communities in the
    world.  The unique qualities of
    each place influence a variety
    of customs and traditions.