Middle Hills
Pasgaon Village
Cowherd above Dhorpatan
Wooden cooking oil container
Coral and imitation stone necklace
Gurung springtime ceremonial horse
Varieties of People

    Within the Middle Hills, there are two very
    distinct kinds of people.  One of these is the
    Parbatiya, “the hill people,” originating in
    India and eventually finding their way into
    Nepal over centuries or more…  Their racial
    roots are probably in the ancient Indus-
    Saraswati culture of Pakistan and western

    The second group of hill peoples came from
    the north over millennia, originating in
    different places and times, eventually
    settling in separate areas of Nepal, speaking
    varieties of Tibeto-Burman dialects.  Both
    Parbatiya and Tibeto-Burman people are
    vigorous and robust, capable of living in
    steep terrain and severe climate.  These hill
    people are primarily farmers, cultivating
    crops of maize, rice, wheat, mustard and
    millet.  Herds of water buffalo and cows,
    sheep and goats, are grazed up in the
    highlands during the summer, down around
    the villages in the winter, producing manure
    for fields, supplying milk, butter and yogurt
    for the kitchen, as well as providing wool and
    hair for simple cape-jackets and blankets.

Copper water pot